New Release: Ten Minutes to Two and Other Tales of the Sinister and Surreal

It’s been quite a while, dear readers! I know I have really been remiss about updating this site and posting more pieces for you all to enjoy. And I am so sorry about that! But I really appreciate you sticking with me, and I thank all of you for your patience!

The reason I have been away for so long is because I have been working on various projects that have just taken up all of my time. But the upshot of this is that the collection that I have been promising is finally here!

Ten Minutes to Two and Other Tales of the Sinister and Surreal

Ten Minutes to Two Ebook

Ten Minutes to Two and Other Tales of the Sinister and Surreal is a collection of thirteen short stories in various genres, from horror to science fiction to surreal fiction. The stories consider the nature of death, grief, fear, love, and reality itself. Underlying these themes is the question of just how much a person can endure, both physically and emotionally, and an exploration of the outermost limits of human perception.

Excerpts from some of the stories in Ten Minutes to Two can be read on this site by visiting the Short Stories link under the Read menu at the top of the page. This includes “Don’t Praise the Day Before the Evening,” in which a woman realizes there might be more to a simple superstition than first meets the eye, “To Feel is Simply to Remember,” in which two boys encounter a strange, old peddler of bottled feelings in a futuristic world, and “In the Eyes of a Child,” which considers the inborn drive to torment those who are closest to us. These stories and more are featured in the collection, including such tales as The Invited,” a sinister warning against answering unseen voices, “In One Second, Eternity,” a singular look into the true meaning of a life after death, and the title story, in which an old lady is almost led horribly and irreparably astray.

Ten Minutes to Two and Other Tales of the Sinister and Surreal is available now in paperback for USD$9.95 and as a Kindle ebook for USD$1.99 on Amazon.


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