Welcome to the home page of R.C. Ahlstrom. I am a writer and poet specializing in horror, science fiction, fantasy, and surreal fiction, as well as traditional forms of poetry. I also write under the name Onyx City on http://www.theprose.com. Feel free to look around for more information about me and my writing, and check out my blog, Labyrinths of Onyx, by clicking on the menu above.

Upcoming Works

A Litany of Luridly Lovely Limericks
A collection of comic/horror limericks. Limericks posted on this site are excerpts from this collection.

The Angels’ Share
After the Transition, one of the bloodiest periods of war in mankind’s history, a new society is born, one that is built on the careful balance of newly discovered Fundamental energy. When a bizarre accident brings Seraph Payne to the attention of the overseers of energy consumption and population regulation, the Administration of Matter and Energy, it becomes apparent that the utopian New Age is not quite as it seems. Have the mistakes of the past truly been left behind, or is history doomed to repeat itself with ramifications beyond what anyone could imagine?

The Angels’ Share, a dystopian science fiction novel, is anticipated for release in late 2017.