I have always written, but I was not always a writer.

My background is in classical music performance and musicology. I have a Bachelor of Music with Honors and a PhD in musicology. I am an expert on music history, aesthetics, and popular culture and have published numerous articles in academic journals. I have also been writing short stories since I was ten years old. I never considered writing professionally, however, until almost twenty years later. It was then that I rekindled my love of creative writing, while making up stories to inject a little fantasy into the routine of academic writing.

Much of my work is in the horror, fantasy, science fiction, and surreal genres, and often with a hint of the bizarre or paranormal as well. I do enjoy a good humorous story or poem, too, and if that poem is a limerick, all the better! Much of my humorous writing includes elements of horror, fantasy, or the paranormal.