A Gentleman Entered An Establishment

A gentleman entered an establishment. He reviewed the situation and hunkered down at the sideboard.

“Taverner, kindly provide me with a flagon of lager,” he expressed to the mixologist.

“Assuredly, master,” the mixologist announced.

The gentleman received the flagon from the mixologist and imbibed a hearty gulp. Forthwith, he heeded an intonation.

“I appreciate your jersey.”

The gentleman surveilled the interior of the establishment but could not observe any character who might have articulated. He consumed another generous swallow.

The incognito utterance repeated. “Your stature is enjoyable.”

Perturbed, the gentleman scrupulously scrutinized his environs.

“Your comportment is congenial.”

This concluding proclamation was adequate for the gentleman. His inquisitiveness kindled, the gentleman hailed the mixologist.

“Pray, inform me, taverner,” the gentleman asserted. “What is the significance of the verbalizations that I persistently apprehend?”

The mixologist meticulously minded the gentleman. Conclusively, he cachinnated prior to disclosing the elucidation of the unavowed vociferation.

“It was the legumes, master. They are encomiastic.”

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