A wave breaks on a distant shore
and all sound stops
No voice is carried on the breeze.
No one tells me,
“I’ll be home soon.”
Somewhere on the horizon
a bird flies toward the sun.
But it drops lower,
and darkness is all that’s left
to meet its tired wings.
My feet drag through the sand
and time stops
No waves break in the night,
and my tears tell me
I’ll never be home again.

Once Upon A Time and Place

Once upon a time and place
I saw a smiling face.
Arms took me in an embrace
once upon a time and place.

I was young and full of woe.
You didn’t even know –
you were my safe place to go
for I was young and full of woe.

Even as you held me tight
the day turned into night.
Darkness overcame the light
even as you held me tight.

Then your arms let go of me,
but I couldn’t see.
You said that we’re meant to be,
then your arms let go of me.

Once upon a time and place
I wore a smiling face.
Then a love did fall from grace,
once upon a time and place.



Last night I dreamed you held me tight
and whispered in my ear.
I kissed you softly through the night,
in heaven with you near.
At some point as the morning sun
shone on a distant hill
I woke and knew the dream was done
and lonely was I still.
The sweet caress of love remained,
the swelling of my heart,
but bittersweet I lay there pained,
for we were e’er apart.
And then I cried in heartbreak true
for never would I see.
It’s only in the dreams that you
still live in memory.

Where the Sun Shines


A breeze caresses my cheek
and I hear waves breaking on a sandy shore.
Breathing deep the salty air,
I take one step
into a beam of sun.
And I know that it has shone forever.
I hear your voice
and I walk
until the sand gives way to stone beneath my feet,
and I turn
but behind me is only darkness.
I strain to hear
but no gentle breeze caresses my cheek
on which your voice can carry.
And so I walk
into the darkness
searching for that eternal sun,
though I may never reach the shore.
I will walk
until I feel the sea air blowing,
and hope you will be waiting
in the sunshine.

In the Moonlight


In the moonlight
a shadow
growing as a pool of blackest night
spilling over.
A cry echoed
and then one more.
But silence reigned supreme.
I watched,
as the moon fell to the earth.
I reached out
one hand.
I did not catch it.
Through my fingers
slipped the light as water falling,
memory flowing
over the jagged rocks
of one mind’s Eternity.
No longer did I stand
in the moonlight.
My hand
but for the shadow that remained,
and ever always.



A sea breeze blows
carrying a sacred whisper.
A voice
muffled by the sound of tears
falling silently.
The loudest sound of all –
the echo within a heart
still beating
with no purpose.

A sea breeze blows.
I give to it my last promise.
I am always here.
Ever searching on the breeze,
calling silently,
louder than the echoes
of waiting now and ever.
Just listen
and remember.